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We offer Woca Oil finish for hardwood flooring with installation and hardwood floor refinishing in San Rafael Marin County Ca. Do you want the real look of hardwood, instead of a plastic look with urethane? Do you want to avoid a cloudy and “orange-peeled” appearance? Do you want to save money forever, instead of saving now just to spend money later?

Oiled Hardwood Floors with WOCA OIL
Oil Hardwood

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Hardwood flooring is our real forte. We specialize in installation of unfinished or prefinished hardwood flooring and refinishing existing hardwood flooring with Woca Oil; a pure plant vegetable based oil that is voc free. Woca oil will enable you to manage and maintain your hardwood floors without the need to screen and refinish later saving you money over time. Woca oil is a penetrating oil finish. The difference between woca oil and urethane is urethane is a topical finish that is a shinny plastic coating that gets etched like glass and scratched from everyday foot traffic dogs and children. And there is only one option to repair the damaged urethane finish, you will have to call a professional to move all your furniture and recoat so it will get damaged all over again.
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(We will also measure for material only so you can be assured that you get exactly what you need)

Urethane is promoted as a hard finish that protects your hardwood but you are not told that is gets damaged unlike woca oil that is maintained by using plain water in between washing with woca oil soap that lays down coconut soy extracts with every washing protecting the beauty of one of your biggest investments.

Did you know that prefinished urethane hardwood floors that have a 30 to 50-year wear warranty are completely misleading? Once your hardwood floors get scratched or etched and you will need a recoat with urethane to restore the pristine look, a recoat will void the warranty… But you are not told that when you purchase the product!

That's why you need to call Floorcoverings of Marin County, inc. We will tell you exactly what you're getting, which is high-quality hardwood flooring exceptional service and top-of-the-line woca oil at pricing that will not be beat!

Woca Oil Has The Best Warranty

Woca Oil products create pure beauty. Warranties? Who cares about a warranty when you can maintain your floors forever! Woca Oil is your best warranty. Capture the beauty of hardwood floors with a Woca Oil finished hardwood flooring installation from our flooring company in Marin County San Rafael, California.

Woca Oil absorbs light, while other finishes reflect it and show off all scratches and damage. Learn more about your options with Woca Oil on our WOCA Oil page.

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